Brown's Gymnastics
About Us
Brown's Gymnastics was founded in 1991 by Steve Brown in Houston, Texas.  Among the organizations that participate in the Brown's Gymnastics program in Houston are:  Second Baptist School, St. Martin's Episcopal School, Westbury United Methodist Preschool, Westminster Methodist Preschool, River Oaks Baptist School, Briar Grove Elementary, and The Kincaid School.
Coach Steve's sister, Teresa Stover, founded Brown's Gymnastics of Austin in 2002.  Participating organizations in the Austin area are:  Casner Christian School, School in the Hills, New Hope His Kids Preschool & St. Thomas More Preschool.

Coach Teresa is the owner and head instructor of Brown's Gymnastics Austin.  She is a Texas certified teacher and mother of four.  When not at gymnastics, she enjoys the outdoors and reading.
Benefits of our Program

Classes are 45 minutes long once a week and include proper stretching techniques, strength building, cardio exercises, and skills development.

Equipment can be set up in any cafeteria, gymnasium, fellowship hall, or large meeting room.

We cover cartwheels, round offs, front handsprings, back handsprings, handstands, headstands, balance beam, trampoline, and horizontal bar.

Class fees are lower than the big gyms.


All classes are taught by trained and qualified coaches who love children and fitness.  The owner is a Texas Certified Teacher and has been teaching gymnastics for 21 years.

Parent email newsletters, a focus on mind, body & soul, and a Gold Medal Ceremony make the program unique.
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